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Nebraska Workers' Comp Requirements

Nebraska state law requires employers to carry workers' compensation insurance for employees who are injured or contract an occupational illness on the job. Employers have to carry workers' compensation insurance for full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, and minor employees. Companies do not have to provide this coverage to independent contractors. They are responsible for their own benefits.

What Benefits Are Employees Entitled to?

The benefits you may receive under Nebraska's workers compensation law depends on the situation and the severity of the injuries. The following are the different kinds of benefits you may receive:

Wage-Loss: If the injury or illness affects the employee's ability to work, they will be paid wage loss benefits. These broken down into total disability or partial disability benefits and depend on the unique situation.
Medical: When an employee is injured on the job, the employer is responsible for all "reasonable" medical expenses including hospital bills, crutches or wheelchairs, prescriptions, prosthetic, and in some cases, travel expenses.
Permanent Partial Loss of Member: These benefits are paid when an employee loses use of or completely loses a body part. Compensation is typically 2/3 of the employee's salary multiplied by a set number that is determined by the body part affected.
Permanent Partial to the Body as a Whole: An employee will receive these benefits if there is permanent loss or impairment to the whole body. Wages are 2/3 of your salary times the percentage of the disability that was incurred.
Temporary Partial Benefits: This benefit is applicable when the employee can work but not in the same capacity as before. Benefits are calculated by finding 2/3 of the difference between former wages and current rate of pay and can be paid to the employee for up to 300 weeks.
Vocational Rehab: This gives the employee a chance to be re-trained in their former job with their disability or to be trained for a new job that is more suitable for their circumstances.
Death: if the injury results in the employee's wrongful death, the surviving spouse will receive 2/3 of their former salary until he/she gets remarried. Surviving children will also be entitled to a death benefit. The family could be entitled to $6000 for funeral expenses.

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