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Protecting Your Rights in Accusations of Domestic Violence

In Nebraska, a domestic violence call requires an arrest. Frequently, a call comes in from a neighbor, concerned about an argument next door. The police arrive on the scene to find that the argument is over. The couple involved in the argument each tell a different story, but the police are required to arrest someone. If you are the person arrested, you need the help of an Omaha domestic violence defense lawyer.

At Banwo & Igbokwe Law Firm., a majority of our clients have been falsely accused or the facts of the situation are taken out of context. We start preparing your case to go to trial immediately. We understand the consequences of a domestic violence charge and the restraining order that commonly comes with it. Our Omaha domestic violence attorneys know how easily emotions can get out of hand, especially if alcohol or drugs are involved.

What Should You Do If Accused of Domestic Violence?

Nebraska law takes crimes of domestic violence very seriously. If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, then you could also be facing a plethora of detrimental effects on your life. This potentially includes jail time, fees, damage to your reputation, and even revocation of child custody or visitation rights depending on your situation.

When dealing with the aftermath of an accusation of domestic violence,  One big piece of advice is to keep quiet, distance yourself from the situation, and contact a good omaha domestic violence lawyer. This means don't engage in arguments, don't say anything that can be used against you in court, and don't give the person accusing you any potential ammunition.

In certain cases, accusers have also been known to substantiate false evidence. To help keep this from happening, change your passwords and hide your electronics. Make sure the accuser never has the chance to send texts or emails from your accounts to use against you.

Make sure you alert your family and loved ones to your current situation as well. In many cases of false or exaggerated domestic violence accusations, the accuser may try to get more people on their side by turning family members or friends against you. By alerting everyone to what is happening, you prevent them from getting tied up in a false narrative.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you may also want to contact an experienced Omaha domestic violence attorney. They know better than anyone how to handle these cases and can guide you through the most difficult parts as you strive to protect yourself.

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